In 2015, Jaymie founded A Night Of Play film and live performance group where he co-produced and acted as 'Major Oscar Hadley’ in the Australian premiere of Bully Boy by Sandi Toksvig. In 2017, he produced his first short film titled 'Neuroplastic' (2018) a British science fiction set 20 years into the future where it won 3 international awards. You can learn more by visiting

Neuroplastic (short film) 2019

A hacker & his friend delve into London's underworld & pitch three criminals a weapon too good to be true #neuroplasticmovie #neuroplastic

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BULLY BOY by Sandi Toksvig (theatre) 2015

An amateur production by special arrangement with Dominie Drama on behalf of Nick Hern Books. Directed by Deborah Mulhall

A ferociously gripping play about the moral issues of contemporary military occupation. With Jaymie Knight as Major Oscar Hadley and Patrick Cullen as Private Eddie Clark.

Truth in war is a viewpoint, not a fact. In war, all soldiers lose.

Patrolling the dusty streets of Afghanistan, every step could be your last. Private Edward Clark is every inch the hero to his mates in the Bully Boys, but he’s shattered inside – haunted by one particular battle on which his whole life has turned. When Major Oscar Handley is called to investigate the outcome of this chaotic firefight, his enquiry lifts the lid on Eddie’s fragile mental health, and an unlikely bond is formed between the two men.

Sandi Toksvig is best known as a comedian, broadcaster and writer. In this intense and enthralling drama, Toksvig digs deep into the ‘war on terror’ to explore the relationship between two men in crisis.

A Night of Play presents the contemporary masterpiece.

© 2012 by Jaymie Knight.

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